Hillary is a staunch supporter of Israel, even as her foundation takes huge donations from Arab oil sheikhs.  What if they drop US made cluster bombs on unarmed civilians in Yemen, it’s nothing personal, just business.

Let us be very clear about Hillary Rodham Clinton: she is eminently qualified to be CEO of a multinational corporation that steals land from South American peasants, gets cozy with Third World dictators and manipulates Wall Street derivatives and other obscure financial scams that could crash the economy.  She is also well qualified to speak before Mega Banks and Banksters for a quarter of a mil a shot.  But, unless you want the Middle Class to shrink even more, want bad Trade deals that undermine our national sovereignty and ship millions more good paying jobs overseas, and think it’s fantastic that we send disproportionate numbers of Blacks and Hispanics to jail for long stretches for acts that are not even illegal in Europe, then no, Slick Hillary is not qualified to be President of the United States.

While Hillary Clinton is as glib and slick her husband Bad Boy Bill, and in many ways a brilliant (albeit untrustworthy) politician, do not imagine for one minute that this country will be any better off than if a Repugnican is elected POTUS.  Rather than just randomly rant, let me highlight just a few issues with HRC:

  1. Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, BENGHAZI!  While I do not believe for a second that as Secretary of State she consciously caused the terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, we all know that the GOP spin meisters will fill the airwaves with an incessant blitz of shitz about the incident.  J. Edgar Hoover used to refer to it at the Big Lie technique (when he wasn’t dressing up in women’s clothing); only difference was that that was what the Commies in Russia used to win political arguments.
  2. EMAILS, EMAILS, EMAILS, EMAILS, EMAILS!  Here again, it is irrelevant whether or not Secretary of State Clinton broke any laws regarding her reckless use of a private server and an unsecured Blackberry for sensitive and top secret information.  THE APPEARANCE OF WRONGDOING IS AS DAMNING IN THE PUBLIC MIND AS IF SHE HAD.  This is what in the Catholic Church they call “Giving Scandal”; giving the appearance of wrongdoing is sinful in itself, even if there is no wrongdoing per se.  However, the fact that Hilary unilaterally deleted some 30,000 emails before the FBI could take a gander at them is suspicious on the face of it; even if she dodges the bullet and avoids prosecution doesn’t mean she didn’t break the law.  In any case, the Republicans and all their Dark Money puppet master WILL flood the airwaves with accusations and innuendoes.  I GUARANTEE IT.
  3. HILLARY IS AN INCORRIGIBLE FLIP FLOPPER: in the 90’s she was for single payer healthcare, now she’s against it; she negotiated the Trans Pacific Partnership as Secretary of State, now claims to be against it (maybe); she was against gay marriage before she was for it; she promises to get tough on Wall Street yet continues to take money from them with both hands;  she claims she (and Slick Willy) are devoted to African Americans and their causes, yet labeled Black youth “Super Predators” and supported POTUS Clinton’s crime bill that started putting African Americans away BIG TIME.
  4. In fact, neither Hillary or Bill have done a damn thing for African Americans except for throwing a lot of $$$ to Black politicians to get re-elected, thereby making them beholden to the Clinton Machine.  When Bernie Sanders was organizing sit-ins and protesting police brutality in Chicago, Hillary was a Goldwater Girl, campaigning for right wing causes and segregation.  Come to think of it, SHE STILL IS A GOLDWATER GIRL!
  5. Foreign Policy Expertise? What Foreign Policy expertise?  You mean like voting for the Iraq War and then continuing to promote and defend it into 2006, long after just about every Democrat and a few Republicans had repudiated it.  You mean like persuading President Obama to intervene in Libya to overthrow Qaddafi?  We all know how well that went (Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi).  You mean like persuading President Obama we needed regime change in Syria?  How about the 2009 coup in Honduras and her looking the other way at ongoing human rights violation? Never heard about it?  Well, you won’t from the corporate media who are in the Clinton Machine’s back pocket.  I could go on and on, but I don’t have to; if Hillary gets the nomination, the Republican media machine will let you know about Hillary’s foreign policy failures IN SPADES.

So, when Hillary Clinton slams Bernie Sanders for being “unqualified” or inexperienced and therefore unfit to be President of these here United States, it really is enough to make one laugh–if I weren’t crying at the prospect that she may well get the nomination.  And if she does, God help us all.


Author: Christopher Kiernan Coleman

I am a freelance author, speaker, film producer, historian and observor of events past, present and future. I received my bachelors degree at St. Anselm College and pursued my graduate work at the University of Chicago. I currently have six books in print, including a bio of Abraham Lincoln. My latest book in print is Ambrose Bierce and the Period of Honorable Strife, published by University of Tennessee Press. I have also published numerous articles in the popular press, as well as scholarly journals. My prior work as film &a tv producer garnered a number of film & tv festival awards, including the Gabriel Award. I have several new book projects in progress, including one which looks at the origins of mechanized desert warfare & the roots of fundamentalist Islamic politics, as well as non-fiction and fiction dealing with Dark Age history and the Age of Arthur. I am also shopping a MS dealing with the history of American Socialism leading up to the Civil War. Like it or not, Socialism is as American as apple pie and Thanksgiving; actually it was some early Communists who held the "First Thanksgiving."

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