“We Choose Truth Over Facts” –Joe Biden

Hillarys Creepy Joe zoom rally
While its true Creepy Joe has the backing of the 1%, the fact is there are far more No Joe voters than supporters

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”
― President John Adams

FACT: Contrary to what the Corporate media and Neoliberal shills would have you believe, Al Gore WON the 2000 Election, but Republican knavery and DNC betrayal kept him from taking office.

“Uncork the champagne! Break out the caviar! Bernie’s “Socialist” candidacy is dead!” That, or something approaching it, resounded through the canyons of Wall Street and the cloistered halls of the Democratic Party establishment in early April.

Neo-Liberals and their one percent Lords and Masters since then have been celebrating their victory over Progressives from the comfort of their penthouses and wine-caves ever since.

But before the Party elite and their mindless media minions  become too intoxicated with their triumph, they should take heed of the old Chinese adage about being careful what you wish for.


The Establishment may still be gloating over their complete defeat of Sanders, but anyone concerned over the fate of our Nation should first consider a few obvious facts. What was in truth merely a mild version of FDR New Deal Progressivism was defeated through media manipulation, massive vote fraud, and assorted knavery that the DNC has become so skilled at. Yes, Ex-President Mr. Nice Guy, the Banksters Friend, and other Corporatists foisted their Anointed One on the  Democratic Party in an almost exact replay of the 2016 primaries. Oh, wait, how did that go for the Party last time?

Barring a radical change of course, the 2020 general election will play out just as 2016 did for Democrats.

Unless the Insane Clown President sabotages his own campaign through his own arrogance and willful stupidity–admittedly a possibility–Donald Trump is on track to win by a massive landslide over the Democratic Party’s unelected and unelectable choice, Uncle Joe Biden. And by the DNC also rigging a slate of down-ballot “Republican Lite” candidates who have nothing to offer voters, the geniuses who have a stranglehold on the Party are on track to suffer massive reverses in the House and Senate as well.

Granted, there is a hard core “never Trump” electorate who will vote for the Democratic Party no matter how awful their candidate is; but that constituency is more vocal than numerous. And, as we have learned by now, Mainstream Corporate Media polls about Biden’s popularity are works of creative fiction, not science and certainly not destiny.

Meanwhile, as America flounders in its own delusional bubble, around the world the Globalist/NeoLiberal agenda has proved a massive disaster with whole nations in open revolt against its proponents. Apparently Neo-Liberals in the Democratic Party haven’t gotten the memo and are still partying like its 1999, glutted as they are with donations given them by the Banksters and others of the donor class.

With no core values in the 21st century other than keeping those billionaire contributions flowing into their pockets, defeating substantive economic and political reform has become far more important to the Democratic Party elite than actually winning elections. Enjoy your Jeni’s Ice Cream while you may, the Deplorables are coming with their pitchforks to take you down.

There is one difference between the last electoral cycle and now, however. In 2016, although the Democratic Party had a candidate who had zero appeal to working class Americans of any ethnicity or gender, at least HER was not mentally incompetent, HER did not have a well documented history of sexual harassment (although her husband did) and HER could at least hide behind the identity politics of Glass Ceiling Feminism to pretend that she was for reform and progress. But, despite gossip to the contrary, any consideration of having HER replay her disastrous Presidential run in 2020 is sheer delusion.

The truth be told, even I didn’t believe American voters were so fed up with the status quo that they would go for Insane Clown Trump over “Lesser Evil” Hillary. But they were, they did and they still are.

Thus, in their desperate effort to stave off systemic reform, the Democratic Establishment has painted itself, and the Party, into a corner. With every incoherent sentence that comes out of his palsied lips, Dementia Joe shows how utterly unfit he is to run for any office, least of all the highest one in the land.

Even forgetting the recent allegation of rape–barely contained by the Corporatist shill media–there exists abundant footage of Beloved Uncle Joe behaving creepily towards young girls, to the point of molesting them on camera. Joe Biden’s pedophilia towards young girls is as apparent as Michael Jackson’s was towards young boys and equally whitewashed by the Mainstream Media–but won’t be by the GOP.


Creepy Joe has been getting away with his sexual predation for so long he doesn’t even try to conceal it anymore. His “inappropriate” behavior is on full display in public, where he brazenly gropes grown women, There is enough video and photo evidence to fill hundreds of Republican attack ads. Don’t expect the GOP to go so easy on Creepy Joe and the Dems as the media has.

CREEPY JOE STRIKES AGAIN close up of assault
“Creepy Joe” doesn’t begin to describe Joe Biden’s long history of sexual predation. In addition to the rape allegations, there is abundant photographic evidence of him assaulting women, young and old. But, as with Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein, Glass Ceiling Feminists have looked the other way as long as they got what they want politically. from these power-brokers

In this regard, “Uncle Joe” Biden reminds one of “Uncle Charlie,” the main character in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller, Shadow of a Doubt. In the film, “lovable” Uncle Charlie turns out to be a demented serial killer who murdered dozens of women. Of course, our good ole’ Uncle Joe never did that. No, instead, Uncle Joe and his Neo-Liberal cronies are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians with their regime change wars and coup d’états, not to mention the harm they’ve done to countless thousands of Americans through the privatization of prisons, education, defense and just about any other piece of prize pork that isn’t nailed down.

If Biden is bold enough to grope women in public, imagine what he is doing in private.

Add to that, there is Banksters Friend Biden’s long history of playing footsy with big banks, his forty-plus year history of trying to destroy Social Security and Medicare, counting notorious Segregationists among his friends, his well known opposition to integration in Congress, plus Law n’ Order Joe Biden championing crime bills to put Blacks and other minorities behind bars in record numbers—all recorded on video for the world to see and the GOP to use. But wait, there’s more!

As soon as Demetia Joe is officially anointed in August, expect a tsunami of Republican attack ads to appear all over the airwaves and internet. Moreover, does anyone in the DNC and other Corporatist Democrat strongholds actually believe that with both Ukrainegate and Chinagate in their quiver, GOP attack ads won’t also use those revelations in the fall?

Do the Democratic Party elite truly believe that “Uncle Charlie” Biden is Electable Joe? Really, in what delusional world are the party hacks and their media shills dwelling in? Once the Republicans and the Insane Clown get through with the Dems in their attack ads, not only will Biden lose spectacularly, but the whole party’s down ballot candidacy promises to go down in flames with him.

By the time the Repugnicans are finished, no amount of media spin or DNC conspiracy theory hoaxes will be able to put all the shattered pieces of the Humpty-Dumpty Biden candidacy back together again. And when the billionaire donors Neo-Liberal politicians hold so dear abandon the proverbial sinking ship of the Democratic Party, do they really think working class voters and donors, of any ethnicity, that they’ve screwed over for years will suddenly rush to their aid?

Despite nearly forty years of lies, alienation and wage stagnation, Neo-Liberals succeeded at some things: they have succeeded in shunning the American working class and they have alienated a majority of the electorate under 35. Even tried and true identity politics ploys are failing; a majority of younger minority voters have come to realize that, beyond a symbolic gesture, eight years of Obama did nothing for them either and that his “Republican Light” Neo-Liberalism has resulted only in more of the same economic desolation and endemic racism as before.

In addition, Glass Ceiling identity politics is also unlikely to deliver its true believers to the Democrats this time around, since the Tara Reade Scandal, while it has yet to drive the last nails in the coffin of the Biden Candidacy, has clearly revealed the hypocrisy of the #metoo movement, with its selective outrage towards sexual harassment. Which is a pity, for workplace harassment and unequal pay against women are real things and an honest candidate could easily address these wrongs.

Unless the Insane Clown’s re-election juggernaut is derailed by the Corona Virus, staying the course with Joe Biden will not only lose the Dems the 2020 election, it may spell the end of the Democratic Party as a whole–and lord knows there are too many a wholes in the party as it is.

Bernie Sanders, for all his pseudo-radical rhetoric, simply refurbished New Deal Liberalism and labelled it “Democratic Socialism.” Nevertheless, even Sanders’ tepid version of Socialism offers an economic agenda which could provides American workers with real change for the better. It has already proven to energize large swaths of potential voters from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. Sanders’ quite moderate reform agenda shows that policies similar to what got Franklin Delano Roosevelt elected, updated for the 21st century, are still tremendously popular in the U.S. and can win elections.

It goes without saying that the rank and file of Berniecrats will not drink Biden’s Poison Kool-Aid, even if their fallen leader urges them to. In may be that some former Sanders supporters may vote for Cheeto-Man out of spite at what party hacks pulled in the primaries; more likely they will simply stay home and prefer not to vote for either evil— “lesser, greater or middling.”

Neo-Liberal Globalization has failed the American people. Repackaging the same “malarkey” that Neo-Liberals have spoon fed the rank and file for thirty-five years simply won’t work any more.

Bernie Sanders’ candidacy had held hope that he could save the party from its own folly. That hope was dashed; but not all the blame for Sanders failure can be laid at the feet of the Neo-Libs and their electoral rigging. Sanders’ own failure to prosecute his case forcefully against “My Good Friend” Joe, plus his refusal to call out the massive cheating and vote theft in the primaries were fatal flaws too. They are failings by Sanders and his top advisors that has left a bitter taste among many former followers, even as it exposed Sanders’ own weakness as a candidate for the general election.

Now a catastrophe of the worst magnitude is looming, not just for the Democratic Party, but the Nation. The Petro-dollar is on the verge of collapse and with it falls fifty years of American economic and political Hegemony. And with that collapse also collapses the whole Globalist house of cards as well.

Fundamental economic and political reforms are long overdue and the current mass demonstrations and pent up rage spilling out onto the streets of America’s cities are but a taste of things to come.

The hour is late; the need is great. As the title of this article states, however, there is a way forward.

The path to victory for Democrats–if they act quickly and decisively–is: DUMP DEMENTIA JOE, DRAFT AL GORE AND ADOPT BERNIE SANDERS’ ECONOMIC AGENDA.

Forceful Al Gore

In the back alleys of DC and in the cloak-rooms of the Old Boy network, whispered discussions of what to do about “The Biden Problem” were already buzzing well before they forced Sanders to bend the knee. Surely, any sane person in the DNC or other centers of Corporatism know that Biden is a lost cause. But who to replace him with, and as importantly, what to do to appeal to the undecided and how to accomplish this; these are the problems.

But the Party establishment first has to decide: do you really want to win this election? If so, as FDR told his millionaire peers in the 1930’s in a similar situation, you will need to promise working people something substantial in return for their votes.

Business as usual won’t work; identity politics can con some voters, but not enough; above all, the Neo-Liberal failed Republican Lite bushwah BS won’t work anymore. The Democratic Party, the party of Jefferson, Jackson, FDR and Kennedy, needs to get back to its roots, adapted to the current crisis, otherwise it is doomed to fail, and fail BIG.

Al Gore is the man to deliver this new promise to the American worker.

Granted, the younger generations of voters may not know who Al Gore is; older voters may remember the controversy surrounding his election but likely forgot what Gore stood for. Moreover, Neo-Liberal elites long ago shunned him for not bending the knee and paying proper homage to the Clinton Machine. But The 2016 Election sent the Dems a message loud and clear from the voters: they would rather vote for a lying, cheating, ignorant bigot, with the IQ of a cumquat, than vote for another “lesser evil” Neo-Liberal candidate.

It’s not rocket science! You need someone who is 1. Electable, 2. Honest, and has 3. Policies, concrete policies, not vague high-sounding nostrums–especially policies grounded in economic reform–that resonate with a majority of Americans.

I propose that Vice President Al Gore, at this juncture in time, is the ideal candidate, not only to beat Donald Trump in November, but to restore and reunite the Democratic Party nationally and rebuild the old coalition that made it so popular.

Here’s why Gore is the Man:


Contrary to what you may have read in the Corporatist Media, Al Gore WON THE 2000 ELECTION. It was a close race, granted, but if the Repugnicans had not controlled the governorship and attorney general’s office of Florida, the fact of Gore’s victory would never have been in dispute. Vote tampering, ballot box manipulation and voter suppression is nothing new in Florida for either party, but the GOP pulled out all the stops in 2000. But what topped it all off was the Republican-packed Supreme Court, in what has been called a “Judicial Coup D’Etat,” illicitly prevented a full and accurate count of all the ballots from being carried out. In consequence the Republicans prematurely declared their boy Bubba as President and a spineless Democratic Party establishment rolled over and played dead.

Al Gore has won four elections in the House of Representatives; he has twice won elections as a Democratic Senator in a Southern state; he has twice helped win the White House as Vice President, and in 2000 he won the Presidential election against a far more popular, far more likeable–albeit equally illiterate–candidate than Trump. AL GORE HAS PROVEN HIS ELECTABILITY.


To some, Al Gore’s honesty is a drawback.

In the 21st century, where the Clinton Crime Family’s egregious graft, influence peddling, fraud and embezzlement are ignored and they are lionized by high society and the Corporate media alike, not having created a 100-Billion dollar faux Charity as an international slush fund as the Clinton’s did is regarded as a failing by the Party elite.

However, to judge by the 2016 Election, a large number of average Americans feel quite  differently on the matter. To the best of our knowledge, there are no Wikileaks skeletons hanging in “dull” Al Gore’s closet.

At the very least, Gore’s squeaky clean record gives the GOP very little ammunition to smear him with. The Washington Press Corps decried how dull Al was as Vice-President, as contrasted with Slick Willie’s many notorious sexual escapades and dubious financial dealings, but the general electorate may regard honesty and integrity as a refreshing change from what has become the standard operating procedure in Washington.

Winning Policies.

Universal Healthcare:  While Al Gore is less well known for his advocacy of Universal Healthcare than Bernie Sanders, the fact is that he has been an advocate for it  since 2002. In 2017, Gore came out strongly for the Medicare for All version of Universal Healthcare, in stark contrast to Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

National Healthcare, in one form or another, has been advocated by Progressives since at least 1912. It is long overdue. As a long-standing party member, Gore has sufficient clout to strongarm the Old Guard in Congress that an outsider like Bernie Sanders would never be able to do.

As Presidential candidate, there is no question Gore will do more than any other Democratic insider could possibly do to get universal healthcare passed into law.

Climate Change: If there is any policy defines Al Gore’s political career it is his long standing concern for the Climate and the urgent need to reverse decades of regressive and destructive governmental policies regarding the environment.

The Green Party in 2016 and Sanders candidacy in 2020 made a “Green New Deal” the centerpiece not only of their climate policy but of jobs creation as well. For decades before them, Al Gore has been sounding the alarm about global warming and the need to wean away from fossil fuel, and has long advocated for full employment with jobs that pay a living wage

Al Gore has been involved with environmental issues since 1976, when as a freshman Congressman he led the first Congressional hearings on climate change and global warming.  In 1990, as Senator, Gore presided over a three-day conference with legislators from over 42 countries in which he tried to hammer out a Global Marshall Plan, whereby developed countries would help less developed countries grow economically while still protecting the environment. In the late 90’s, as VP, he urged Congress (unsuccessfully) to approve the Kyoto Protocol, to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

After being cheated out of the Presidency, Gore became even more involved in combating climate change and won a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts on behalf of environmentalism. Most notably, Gore won the Palm d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival for his film An Inconvenient Truth, as well as an Oscar for the same documentary. He also produced a sequel to it in 2017. Al Gore’s dedication to protecting the environment is ongoing and deeply felt, and clearly not based on either political convenience or infatuation with a passing fashions in the media.

Gore’s efforts to sound the alarm about the dangers of climate change have frequently caused to him being ridiculed by a well-funded right wing media and he has often met with strong opposition from politicians of both parties aligned with Big Oil and the fossil fuel industry. Decades of obstructionism and climate denial have only worsened the crisis and increased the urgency to take strong action.

Al Gore is uniquely qualified to lead the charge for a Green New Deal. He has not just paid lip service to this pressing cause, he has been a leader in it for virtually his entire career. If elected, there’s no doubt about him making it a centerpiece of his Presidency.

For his foresight on this issue, Al Gore stands head and shoulders above any other potential candidate for President of any party. On this issue alone, Al Gore is more qualified than any other person to lead the country.

Free University Education and Erasing Student Debt. While Al Gore has not made education reform as much of a priority as the environment, since leaving office he has been involved with academia on a number of occasions. He has served as a visiting professor at Middle Tennessee State UniversityColumbia UniversityFisk University, and UCLA. as well as making numerous campus appearances promoting environmental causes, such as the “24 Hours of Reality” at Vanderbilt in 2019, which not only raised awareness about the climate but also climate change’s adverse effects on human health. While Gore has not focused on these specific issues, certainly his ongoing involvement with higher education and frequent meetings with college students indicate that Gore would eagerly champion these and other education related causes with little urging.

Raising the Minimum Wage, Equal Pay, and other Labor and Domestic Issues. Since Gore has been out of day-to-day politics for a number of years, his precise stand on these issues is not known. We can say that in his last run for the Presidency, Gore was in favor of raising the minimum wage, was for equal pay for women, and was strongly in favor of repealing anti-union laws, strengthening worker safety rules and new laws for hazardous industries. Gore was also for welfare reform to help people out of poverty and uniquely proposed a three to one government subsidy for low income workers to put into a Social Security savings fund similar to a 401K, but which people could also withdraw from to buy a home or for college education. To combat homelessness he also proposed funding more new low income homes, subsidizing existing housing, and he set as a goal to raise median family income in America by at least a third over ten years.

Of course, since 2000, instead of all these domestic improvements and raising America’s standard of living, under President Bush what we got was a Dubya-cross: we got the Iraq War (which Gore opposed); The Patriot Act legalizing domestic spying and lying, as well as the militarization of police; tax breaks for billionaires; torture of prisoners; the mass murder of civilians and other war crimes. Dubya presided over a series of Oil Wars to benefit the Bush family’s Oil Oligarchy cronies; and above all he enabled the unrestrained theft of America’s wealth and health by Banksters and the One Percent. Trump is the natural result of two decades of Globalism, Trickle Down impoverishment and the New Imperialism.


All Berniecrats out there, especially those still grieving over his campaign’s premature demise, need to realize that Sanders’ candidacy is dead and can’t be revived.

Unspoken, but a definite subtext of Party opposition to his run for the nomination, was the fact that Sanders was an outsider. He may have voted with the Democrats on many issues, but he was never a member of the Party and even among reformers was regarded with disdain. This was made apparent when, as soon as Sanders bent the knee, many party stalwarts began to parrot many of Sanders proposals as if they were their own.

However, Sanders’ policies, his concrete program of economic reform, are not dead. They continue to resonate with a vast majority of the American public, not just among his hard core supporters. Those policies are more popular, more relevant, than they were just six months ago, and more needed than at any time in history.

Adopting all or part of Sanders’ Progressive agenda is a sine qua non for any Democratic candidate serious about winning in November. Packaging Neo-Liberal turd in a glossy new package, as it did in 2016, won’t even get the party the plurality Hillary Clinton got in that election.

Things are so much worse now, and not just because the Insane Clown has bungled things so badly. Forty years of trickle down economics has brought ruination on the nation and on the world at large. Time for something completely different.

Bernie Sanders did not invent the policies he was espousing; most of them have been proposed by earlier Democratic Party leaders and earlier Progressives on and off for a century or more. Sanders labelling these long-standing goals as “Democratic Socialism” was counter-productive, regardless of the veracity of the term or not. So, to make it more palatable to older voters and old-school party stalwarts, as well as those people brain-washed by fifty years of red-baiting bushwah, re-labelling it to something like “The Green New Deal,” or “New Deal for the 21st Century” is only sound political strategy. It also truthfully reflects what it’s really about.

In truth, State Socialism is nothing new in America: the Republicans first introduced it in the United States during the Civil War. But like the classic Abbott & Costello skit about “Meatball!,” where Costello freaked at the mere mention of something he actually liked, many working class Americans have been taught to regard Socialism as Costello did meatballs. The Democrats will have a much better chance of this reform agenda proving palatable to the Heartland by giving it a different label. Remember, great swaths of honest, earnest, working class folk have been brainwashed to vote against their own economic self-interests by the Oligarchy for generations.

At least half of the Democratic rank and file are already on board with these policies and certainly the overwhelming majority of independent voters are too, and Independents now stand at around 40% of the electorate. These are the voters the Democratic Party needs to win over before November.

As far as those imaginary “Centrist” Democrats the DNC keeps pandering to, if they were willing to vote for Dementia Joe simply to get rid of Trump, they’d vote for JoJo the Dog Faced Boy or anything in between. You don’t need to pander to them, unless your goal is to lose the election.

If the Dems want to win back working class America, they will need to at least make a good faith effort to restore this bedrock of economic stability. It is way past due to do make fundamental and lasting reforms.

One thing is certain: Globalism and the NeoLiberal/NeoCon “Trickle Down” policies of the last forty years have proven disastrous for all but the very few. Their  failure is about to bring the entire country to the verge of widespread revolution because of it. Those very few who prospered continue to fund these failed economic policies out of pure greed, but America–the World–is fast approaching a crisis point where we can no longer indulge in such failed theories.

The alternative will soon be widespread violence in the streets on a level that this Nation has never seen. As President Kennedy observed, “those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Pseudo-Progressives and Corporatist Neo-Liberals successfully stone-walled the Sanders candidacy. But the economic forces that are driving Sanders economic reforms cannot be undone so easily as his candidacy was.

Unless the Democratic Party wishes to go the way of the Federalists and the Whigs, it has only a few months to come up with a viable alternative to Biden’s hollow “Nothing Will Change” and “Anyone But Trump” campaign strategies that it has painted itself into a corner with.

As the title of this little diatribe indicates, the Democratic Party has had the perfect candidate all along: Al Gore.

For the ideologues of the left and right, undoubtedly Vice President Al Gore does not pass the purity test. He comes from a Southern Democrat political dynasty and in the past billed himself as a Southern Liberal. To many in the North being a Southern Liberal is worse than being a Northern Conservative. In many minds, Gore is also tied to the “Double Bubba” candidacy, which in turn is synonymous to Bill Clinton and Neo-Liberalism’s betrayal of the American worker.

But Al Gore was never part of the Clinton inner circle, much less part of its Neo-Liberal economic agenda. Gore was not connected to the Arkansas Mafia that helped get Clinton elected and cashed in after his election, nor was he in any way associated with Clinton’s sex scandals.

As we noted above, not only has Al Gore run for the Presidency, he WON that election. We needn’t recite the sad history of how his victory in the 2000 election was stolen from him. But it is worth noting that his electoral victory would have been far stronger, and not have hinge on Florida’s crooked vote counting,  had Gore not rejected the assistance of Bill Clinton on the campaign trail. Honesty has its costs.

While at the time his motives for rejecting the Clinton machine’s help was not explained, in retrospect it is clear that Gore was aware of Clinton’s crooked dealings and, wanting to wash his hands of dirty politics, didn’t wish to be beholden to Clinton, lest Slick Willie’s corrosive brand of politics taint his own presidency.

For those who consider Al Gore not Progressive enough, consider this: even if there still had been a 9-11 event on his watch, would a Vietnam Vet (not a draft dodger like Clinton and Trump, or playboy evader like Dubya) have listened to the Chicken Hawk Neo-Cons? Would President Gore have allowed himself to be talked into invading Iraq, causing hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, not to mention torturing prisoners and other war crimes? Would President Gore have enshrined police-state legislation and the Nazification of police departments as enshrined in the Patriot Act, and all those similarly unconstitutional innovations we saw under the Cheney/Bush regime and then whitewashed and added to by the Obama-nation?

Even for those party loyalists who don’t want to reform their highly profitable system of graft, there is this to consider: do establishment Democrats really prefer the near certainty of a crushing defeat in November led by Dementia Joe?

Another crushing defeat may well convince your wealthy donors and lobbyists that you are no longer a good investment and their money will certainly flow into the already engorged bank accounts of the Republican Party. Creepy Joe’s candidacy is a lose-lose proposition no matter how you look at it.

Whatever else one may say about Al Gore, none can deny that he has been sounding the alarm about climate change for more than fifteen years. If anyone can sell the Green New Deal with credibility and conviction, it certainly is Al Gore.

If you think that the Coronavirus Crisis is a big deal, just wait a few years, when massive crop failures not only spawn worldwide famine but massive pandemics also ensue, as they always do on the heels of famines. Only this time the pandemics will be on a scale not seen since the Dark Ages. The question is no longer if, but when this will happen. And If you think Dementia Joe will do anything more than the Insane Clown would, you are truly delusional.

Al Gore may not be the Left’s ideal candidate, but neither does he have a record of forty years of trying to destroy Social Security and Medicare, as Bankers Friend Joe Biden does.

DNC hacks and other Democrat Corporatists have been hinting that Hillary Clinton would be the perfect choice to replace Rapist Joe should he choose to step down from his Divine Right throne—as if 2016 didn’t already give them the answer to that selection. Whomever Creepy Joe would appoint Vice President on his ticket would not automatically be the replacement candidate, since they have not won any primaries nor even come in second. In any case, does anyone seriously think an insipid hack the likes of Amy Klobuchar would have any better chance than Hillary? Perhaps to Dementia Joe, but no one else.

In one sense, the Coronavirus Pandemic has been a blessing for Joe Biden, allowing him to hide in his basement and not be out in public putting his advanced mental deterioration on daily display. But even with his wife reading the teleprompter for him, Biden’s weakness is apparent to all. Dementia Joe Biden will lose and take the entire party with him—and as it is, many on the left as well as the right will cheer when that happens.

Dementia Joe needs to be replaced and the Democratic Party has until the Convention to do it in as painless a manner as possible. Biden’s reason for stepping down doesn’t need to be due to Tara Reade or the next rape allegation that is bound to surface, much less his long history of creepy sexual behavior towards little girls. Similarly, the Dems can short circuit both Ukrainegate and Chinagate as potential political scandals related to Biden’s egregious Nepotism. Biden’s mental deterioration is sufficiently advanced that it would be widely accepted without question—and with a sigh of relief by all democrats.

Unless the Democrats immediately put up a credible replacement, someone with broad appeal to reformers as well as old guard party loyalists, they will still be doomed in November. Simply nominating an honest candidate who is mentally sound is not enough: the Green New Deal, Medicare For All, and the other economic reforms are doable programs that can and will motivate a broad swath of the electorate.

An honest candidate, coupled with a solid platform of concrete reforms, will give American voters motivation to venture out on election day and effect a change.

Bernie’s candidacy is dead; Joe Biden is brain dead; all the other corporatist shills presented in the primaries are worse than useless.

Al Gore, and Al Gore alone, is the man that fits that bill.

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