clinton_machineIf you haven’t heard by now, the Clintons have wealthy friends; VERY wealthy friends.  And they show their friendship in many ways, but mostly through giving them money; LOTS of money. No secret here.  Also no secret is that Bill and Hillary will do just about anything for their friends; change their vote in Congress, steer lucrative government contracts their way; make sure they get nice shiny new bombers and missiles and other military hardware that her foreign friends think they may like to play with.  Friends like that you can’t put a price tag on except, actually, you can.


Hillary's boys
You Gotta Friend in Me


Through the Clinton Foundation, Super PACs, Shell Corporations in the Cayman Islands and any number of other dodges and subterfuges that elude even the most diligent forensic accountants, Bill and Hillary shift money around the nation and around the world like your grandpa shifts checkers on a checkerboard.  Because I like to keep it simple, however, today let’s just look at the top dozen contributors to Hillary’s current primary election campaign.  Now this is the list as reported a short while back, so no doubt the list has grown much bigger and the rankings may have changed since last reported.  It also does not take into account speaking fees, super PAC money, Clinton Foundation donations, in kind donations, influence peddling, or any other back door ways of obtaining lucre, filthy or otherwise.  So these contributors, whom I call the Dirty Dozen, are but a small tip of the iceberg of the Clinton Cash Machine.  In fact, I have every confidence that these same donors are also giving far more money through other avenues than straight to her campaign; but like I said, I wanted to keep it simple.

So here they are, The Dirty Dozen:

  1. Emily’s List……………………….907,510
  2. Citigroup…………………………..891,500
  3. DLA Piper………………………….856,873
  4. Goldman Sachs……………………831,523
  5.  J P Morgan Chase…………………801,380
  6. Morgan Stanley……………………765,202
  7. University of California………….686,509
  8. Time Warner……………………….603,170
  9. Skadden, Arps et al……………….562,182
  10. Coring Inc…………………………..492,750
  11. Kirkland & Ellis…………………….491,066
  12. Paul, Weiss et al……………………430,919

Now, on this list are the usual suspects: Goldman Sachs, J P Morgan, Morgan Stanley; and considering how much they give Goldwater Girl Hillary an hour to speak at their meetings (where are the transcripts Hillary?) these are, comparatively, modest sums for getting THEIR CANDIDATE elected. Of course, as noted before, these are the outright campaign contributions, not any of the dark money donations. hqdefault

Of special note is the fact that one these big money donors is Time Warner, the media conglomerate, whose subsidiary is CNN, the cable news giant.  So, when the CNN folks pretend to be objective and then give Bernie fifteen minutes of news coverage to hours for Hillary, we should not be too surprised.  Also, when they have a conga line of “commentators” asking why Bernie just doesn’t give up and cede the race to the heir apparent to the throne, this too should be taken for the simpering attempt to control the message in this election that it is.

Clinton-Propped-NRD-990Time Warner, along with other media giants, is a BIG (or as Trump would say HUUUGE) backer of the Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP, that really awful giveaway to multinational corporations which will undermine national sovereignty (and all local laws the corporations don’t like) as well as transfer more high paying US jobs overseas to nations where they’ll become starvation wage jobs, as well as further hurting the US balance of trade and indirectly increase the Federal deficit. So once Slick Hillary assumes the mantle of power, expect the TPP deal to slide through like a case of diarrhea due to Asian Flu.  Did I mention that this and other so-called “Free Trade” deals have nothing to do with trade and are anything but free?money-game

At the top of the list is EMILY’s List, a Pro-Choice, pro-Gay and Transgender, pro-Democratic Party, Feminist organization, dedicated to getting women elected to public office.  They bill themselves as a Progressive.  So, at first glance Emily’s List is a perfect fit for Pro-LGBT, Pro-Progressive, Vote for Me Because I’m a Woman Hillary.  No Progressive Democrat, male or female, could quibble with this group donating to get a Democrat elected, right? Wrong.

According to one media pundit, “basically every Democratic woman candidate is petrified to speak publicly about EMILY’s List’s shenanigans.”  Evidently, whenever they give to a candidate’s race, there is an unspoken requirement that they hire a certain media consulting firm, whose president just happens to be the wife of EMILY’s List Campaign Director!  The donated money must be spent on the beltway media firm, whose performance is reported to be something less than stellar and who some candidates have blamed for their losing the election.

Apparently liberal candidates are forced to go along with the scam because EMILY’s List is working hand in glove with senior Democratic Party officials to fleece candidate’s campaigns. Obviously, a few high powered party establishment operatives are benefiting from this scam at the expense of the Progressive wing of the party; I wonder who they could be, Bill and Hillary?

More curious on the Dirty Dozen list is the University of California, weighing in at more than three quarters of a million dollar donation.  It is ethically dubious even for a private university to contribute to a political campaign; it is even worse for a PUBLIC university to do so.  A “Fact Sheet” distributed by U. of C. in fact denies that the school makes any political contributions or funds any political action committees.  They do, however, say that “sometimes organizations that track campaign contributions, such as http://opensecrets.org, take the official data provided by the FEC about campaign contributions and report by demographic breakdown, such as by industry or employer” and UC characterize such listings as “misleading.”  So technically, no, the University of California did not directly give; but some pundits note that there is a “revolving door” between political lobbyists and government officeholders and the members of UC administration and the University does “track” bills in Congress as well as any Executive Branch’s proposed rules and regulations which may affect the university and higher education in general.  Also, there are political operatives who do “bundling” of UC employee contributions, plus there is the dark world of PACs, who are legally separate from their beneficiary organization, but who unofficially coordinate their activities with it.  So the truth here is, let us say, somewhat murky.

Then we have the big money law firms.  Hillary is a lawyer; they’re lawyers; what could be more natural, right?

Up near the top is DLA Piper, a GLOBAL multinational law firm, with offices in over 30 countries; it is the largest law firm in the world with billions in revenue; virtually every lawyer in the firm is a multi-millionaire.  Just a bunch of poor ol’ country lawyers.  It should come as no surprise that its legal staff has included, not just US senators and cabinet members, but former Prime Ministers and other high international Muckey-Mucks.  According to the watchdog, Above the Law, “the firm makes for great copy; there’s always something funny, ridiculous, or salacious going down over there.”  This includes accusations of over-billing its filthy rich clientele (no tears here over that) and the firm’s involvement with a fossil fuel executive who claimed to be working for the CIA in order to get into the panties of two Khazakh women, whom he had “rescued” from a brothel (or was it a seraglio?), as well as more serious scandals over the years.

Skadden Arps is perhaps not so colorful as DLA Piper, but it too is an international law firm with tentacles firmly in the Washington establishment, doing lobbying for major corporations and with a notable tilt towards Democratic politics.  Love ya Hill baby.

Paul, Weiss is another lobbying law firm with headquarters in New York City but major offices in Washington and overseas.  Besides buttering up pols such as Bill & Hill, they do entertainment law and manage corporate mergers and takeovers, in addition to the occasion pro bono good deed, such as representing detainees held in durance vile in Gitmo.

Kirkland & Ellis is similarly a heavy hitter law firm who do entertainment and corporate law; they went to bat for BP when the oil giant polluted the entire Gulf Coast and got some of its workers killed in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill fiasco.  They didn’t clean up the heavy crude, but did try to clean up the legal mess for their multinational client.  They trend toward Dems, being a major backer of Obama in 2008 and have their own PAC to distribute additional largesse.  Apparently they want to get in Hillary’s good graces before she becomes the Anointed One.

There are, of course, very many more law firms and lobbyists on the Hillary hit list; we have only looked at the tip of the iceberg here.  Where the real influence peddling with Bill & Hill goes on is in the murkier nether regions of the Clinton empire, namely the Clinton Foundation and the spiders webs of PAC’s and other organizations.  Of course, as the email and Panama Paper scandals unfold, more will be revealed; that’s when the real fun begins.

As one Repugnican pundit has observed, on the campaign circuit Hillary Clinton travels around with two jets; one for Hillary and her entourage, and one for her baggage.

October 16, 2015


Ben Carson is Sick and I’m Not Feeling Too Good Myself

Dr. Ben Carson, distinguished neurosurgeon, idiot savant and pathological liar.
Dr. Ben Carson, distinguished neurosurgeon, idiot savant and pathological liar.

The Theatre of the Absurd that is the modern Republican Party would be amusing save for the fact that this group of mentally handicapped individuals are not only running around with sharp scissors and other things dangerous to themselves and others, but have access to untold amounts of money to get themselves elected to positions of power, where their capacity to do others harm is immense.  Among the many buffoons in the GOP’s Presidential Clown Car, surely the most deranged—and therefore potentially the most dangerous—is Dr. Ben Carson.

By now, most sane people who have been at all following the current political cycle are aware that Dr. Ben is not all there, to put it nicely.  That he was, prior to making his derangement the subject of public scrutiny by running for the White House, an eminent brain surgeon, makes diagnosing his mental illness all the more difficult.  One neurologist, has argued that Dr. Ben is indeed dumb; egomania is common among doctors and that as a brain surgeon his pronouncements have never seriously been questioned until now may account for some of his shock that his many inconsistencies, prevarications and just plain kookoo ideas have been criticized by those media still not shills for the billionaire class (and make no mistake their number grows smaller by the day).

However, whether Ben Carson is an idiot savant or not, there is one thing that is clear to this observer: Doctor Ben is a pathological liar.  Now, this is not just an insult or political slur: most politicians lie through their eye teeth on a regular basis: the entire Republican Party has been consciously and consistently lying for the last six years.  But even the most black-hearted GOP operative knows in their heart of hearts that what they say is pure turd, designed to con the Great Unwashed to vote against their own self interest.  Most of you who read this may not remember it, but Richard Nixon got elected because he had “a secret plan to end the Vietnam War.”  It was so secret that to this day nobody knows what it was.  Of course, Trickle Down Economics is the biggest lie of them all and even though we have forty-five years of it not working, the Republicans are still trotting that one out to justify impoverishing the middle class so that the 1% can steal even more of their already diminishing wealth.  No, Ben Carson is of a different ilk entirely: Ben Carson actually believes, not only the standard Republican propaganda, but he believes his own lies about himself.  That is why it is pathological.

I went to college with a liar such as Doctor Ben and so I am familiar with the pathology firsthand.  My classmate—who shall remain nameless—would blurt out absurd lies so patently false that after the first few honkers, no one on campus believed him.  The more charitable of us would just sigh and shake our heads; most just dismissed him as a bullshit artist not worthy of our contempt.  A few, such as this author, appreciated the sheer absurdity of his pathology and were amused by his bald faced lying: that his ancestor founded Yale University, for example, and that, had he so chosen, could have attended it for free.  Sound familiar?  “General Westmoreland himself offered me a four year scholarship to West Point, but I decided to go into Medicine,” is eerily familiar.  There were many other lies, equally deluded, although I don’t think my classmate ever claimed to have tried to knife a friend or hit his mother with a hammer.  Clearly my classmate never aspired to the world class prevarication that Ben Carson does.

What is frightening, truly frightening, is that Doctor Ben is soaring in the GOP political polls and that his followers keep swallowing his lying as gospel truth.  Of course, he is a “Good Christian” so he would never deceive them, would he?  I have learned over the years that whenever someone proclaims themselves a “Good Christian” to hide the silverware, lock up my daughter in her room and put a anti-theft bar on the steering wheel of my car.  Sadly, however, a large part of the American electorate, despite having been lied to repeatedly, still have not learned their lessons.

Thomas Nast political cartoon
The Party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt while rolling in corporate money has sold its soul and is SICK!

Ben Carson may or may not be as dumb as he sounds, but his delusional mind clearly appeals to far too many of voters.  I fear that Doctor Ben, or one of the other members of the GOP Clown Car, will con a majority of the public yet again.  We almost didn’t survive the Republican engineered Crash of ’08; America and the rest of the world can survive another Oh-Oh! decade of Republican lies and deceit.  It could be argued that we no longer live in a Democracy but an Oligarchy; I would argue, rather, that we live in an Idiocracy, where a concatenation knaves, scoundrels, cretins and liars have a working majority, not only of most state legislatures but of Congress as well.  I hope events prove me wrong, but as comedian Ron White has observed, “you can’t fix stupid.”