How Comey Conned the Cons

“A good prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich” Sol Wachtler

Hillary Dumpty

Imagine you are James Comey and you are told by your superiors (in this case the Attorney General Loretta Lynch) in no uncertain terms that you are not to recommend an indictment of Hillary Clinton.  The fix is in, the case is rigged; the system is corrupt.  We all know this by now, unless you are a driveling idiot or some dumb-ass pseudo-Progressive with head in the sand who supports Hillary Clinton.  You have spent the last year or so carefully building and ironclad case.  What do you do?

There were two options: one, to do the right thing; defy your superiors and hand them a recommendation to indict the most corrupt Secretary of State in American History.  This would cause Hillary Clinton to bow out of the Presidential race and Bernie Sanders becomes nominated the Democratic Presidential candidate.  The other is, you do as told, betray all professional integrity and allow the equivalent of a Mafia Don to run for the most powerful political position in the world. We now know that Comey took the second course, paving the way for Crooked Hillary to be the “presumptive” nominee.  The 94 dollar question is: why?


Several answers come to mind.  First, you want to retain your job and would prefer not to end it prematurely, even if you do it by blackening your own reputation in the law enforcement world.  The last time someone stuck by their prosecutorial guns was during Watergate, the so-called “Saturday Night Massacre” when the Special Prosecutor investigating Nixon’s wrong-doing got too close to the truth and Nixon ordered him fired: the Attorney General refused and he was fired as well.  But for all his wrongdoing, President Nixon was not 1/100th as corrupt as Hillary Clinton, nor as rich, nor as powerful. It is also possible that Slick Willie at that airport meeting threatened Loretta Lynch with some juicy blackmail if his boss Hillary didn’t get off; the blackmail certainly extended throughout the Obama administration and perhaps to the FBI as well.

Secondly, Comey, if you do do the right thing and recommend prosecution, you, a Republican, will have just handed the Presidency to the Democrats.  Hillary Clinton, who is so incompetent she couldn’t even type a simple email without violating the Espionage Act, has only managed to stay ahead of outsider Sanders in the primaries by outrageously overt cheating that a first grader could recognize.  Unfortunately, these days we have reporters who do a worse job of reporting the news than a first grader could do.

Handing the nomination to an HONEST Democratic candidate like Sanders will mean Bozo the Billionaire Trump’s candidacy will go down in flames, and as much as the GOP hates him, they lust after power more.  So give the fools in the DNC and the White House what they want: Hillary gets a pass, a get out of jail free card, and the Republicans will likely win the White House.


But notice what Comey did, that devious little devil: he prefaced his whitewash with a virtual catalog of all the indictable offenses Hillary committed with regard to the Private Email servers.  Comey did not recommend prosecution, true, but he made it clear to anyone who is not a Hillary troll that she was GUILTY AS HELL.  Now, if the Democratic Party had an ounce of integrity left–Hell, an ounce of common sense left–they would dump Hillary Clinton at the Convention on July 25 and go with the one man who represents all the things the Democratic Party stood for before the Clintons and the NeoLiberals corrupted it–the FDR New Deal programs that made postwar America the most powerful, most prosperous nation on earth.  So Hillary gets her nomination and will struggle to stay even with Trump the Billionaire Buffoon; and if the polls go too far in her favor, Comey’s people have a mountain of incriminating documents ready to leak to the press at any time.

Moreover, if by some miracle Hillary, the Capo di Tutti Capi, does win the Presidency, everyone seems to have forgotten the reason Hillary put all her communications on the Private Server to start with: to hide the BILLIONS of dollars worth of graft that she funneled through the CLINTON FOUNDATION.  The reason the FBI criminal investigation has taken so long is that they have been following all the threads of corruption outward from the emails to the pay for play graft that Hillary was at the center of.

Clinton Inauguration Day

The Emails are like the tip of an ice-burg visible above the waterline; the bulk of her illegal activities have been hidden in that pseudo nonprofit and they all revolve around the complex money laundering schemes of the Clinton Foundation. My guess is that not only the Clinton Crime Family will go down once the Foundation’s crooked dealings are exposed, but most of the Party Establishment as well.  If Hillary gets into office, the hearings and investigations leading to her impeachment will make Watergate look tame by comparison.

Convict Hillary

There is a Chinese proverb: be careful of what you wish for; you just may get it.  FBI Director Comey has given the corrupt Democratic Party Establishment exactly what they wanted: now watch them choke on it.




Hillary LOSES March 22 Candidate Races!

Why is this man smiling? Guess.
Why is this man smiling? Guess.

In a carefully unpublicized upset, Bernie Sanders has managed to win in the trifecta of western elections Tuesday night.  Although Sanders won in number of committed delegates (the only numbers which truly matter in the race) you would not have known it from the major media’s coverage of it last night.

The March 22 races for the Democratic Party candidate were crucial to win for the well-funded Clinton political machine.  The Sanders insurgency has so far upset all the plans for Wall Street’s anointed candidate, Hillary Clinton, to effortlessly be crowned the Democratic candidate for President.  Their anointed Republican candidate, Jeb Bush, despite being well-funded, failed to gain any traction in the early Republican primaries and caucuses and finally admitted defeat.  This just leaves Goldwater Girl Hillary as their last best hope, although in the end any candidate willing to take their money will do.

Clouding the election night results was the terrible tragedy of Terrorist attacks in Brussels, which ISIS managed to carry out despite Belgian authorities having their leader in custody. The big news yesterday would have been the electoral results had it not been for this unexpected event.  Regardless of the facts, the major networks, whose bias against the Sanders campaign has been apparent from the very beginning, managed to turn the election results on their head and somehow proclaim Hillary Clinton the winner last night.

For those who did not stay up to watch the complete results, or who, like the media pundits, are incapable of doing the math, the result are these:

Arizona: 85 delegates total.  Hillary: 41  Sanders: 22

Utah: 37 delegates total.       Hillary:   5   Sanders:  17

Idaho: 27 delegates total.      Hillary:  5    Sanders: 18

Net Delegates Gained:            Hillary 51     Sanders: 57

The Arizona primary was closed to any new voters wishing to join the electoral process, so in essence it was only legacy democrats voting, who, if the past is indication, will not be enough to secure the Democrats the White House this year.  Even though it was open only to party stalwarts, Bernie Sanders still managed to secure about 37% of the votes in that primary.  In Utah and Idaho, which were open to new voters as well as old, Bernie Sanders enjoyed landslides in both states.

As the race for the Democratic candidacy heads west, the Sanders Campaign will gain more momentum.  Sanders Rally in Portlandia.
As the race for the Democratic candidacy heads west, the Sanders Campaign will gain more momentum. Sanders Rally in Portlandia.

So who won?  The Corporate news media is trying desperately to spin it as a Clinton win, yet with a majority of delegates going to Sanders and a majority of states under consideration also going to the Sanders camp, Tuesday night’s results cannot be considered anything but a clear win for the Sanders Campaign.


Ben Carson is Sick and I’m Not Feeling Too Good Myself

Dr. Ben Carson, distinguished neurosurgeon, idiot savant and pathological liar.
Dr. Ben Carson, distinguished neurosurgeon, idiot savant and pathological liar.

The Theatre of the Absurd that is the modern Republican Party would be amusing save for the fact that this group of mentally handicapped individuals are not only running around with sharp scissors and other things dangerous to themselves and others, but have access to untold amounts of money to get themselves elected to positions of power, where their capacity to do others harm is immense.  Among the many buffoons in the GOP’s Presidential Clown Car, surely the most deranged—and therefore potentially the most dangerous—is Dr. Ben Carson.

By now, most sane people who have been at all following the current political cycle are aware that Dr. Ben is not all there, to put it nicely.  That he was, prior to making his derangement the subject of public scrutiny by running for the White House, an eminent brain surgeon, makes diagnosing his mental illness all the more difficult.  One neurologist, has argued that Dr. Ben is indeed dumb; egomania is common among doctors and that as a brain surgeon his pronouncements have never seriously been questioned until now may account for some of his shock that his many inconsistencies, prevarications and just plain kookoo ideas have been criticized by those media still not shills for the billionaire class (and make no mistake their number grows smaller by the day).

However, whether Ben Carson is an idiot savant or not, there is one thing that is clear to this observer: Doctor Ben is a pathological liar.  Now, this is not just an insult or political slur: most politicians lie through their eye teeth on a regular basis: the entire Republican Party has been consciously and consistently lying for the last six years.  But even the most black-hearted GOP operative knows in their heart of hearts that what they say is pure turd, designed to con the Great Unwashed to vote against their own self interest.  Most of you who read this may not remember it, but Richard Nixon got elected because he had “a secret plan to end the Vietnam War.”  It was so secret that to this day nobody knows what it was.  Of course, Trickle Down Economics is the biggest lie of them all and even though we have forty-five years of it not working, the Republicans are still trotting that one out to justify impoverishing the middle class so that the 1% can steal even more of their already diminishing wealth.  No, Ben Carson is of a different ilk entirely: Ben Carson actually believes, not only the standard Republican propaganda, but he believes his own lies about himself.  That is why it is pathological.

I went to college with a liar such as Doctor Ben and so I am familiar with the pathology firsthand.  My classmate—who shall remain nameless—would blurt out absurd lies so patently false that after the first few honkers, no one on campus believed him.  The more charitable of us would just sigh and shake our heads; most just dismissed him as a bullshit artist not worthy of our contempt.  A few, such as this author, appreciated the sheer absurdity of his pathology and were amused by his bald faced lying: that his ancestor founded Yale University, for example, and that, had he so chosen, could have attended it for free.  Sound familiar?  “General Westmoreland himself offered me a four year scholarship to West Point, but I decided to go into Medicine,” is eerily familiar.  There were many other lies, equally deluded, although I don’t think my classmate ever claimed to have tried to knife a friend or hit his mother with a hammer.  Clearly my classmate never aspired to the world class prevarication that Ben Carson does.

What is frightening, truly frightening, is that Doctor Ben is soaring in the GOP political polls and that his followers keep swallowing his lying as gospel truth.  Of course, he is a “Good Christian” so he would never deceive them, would he?  I have learned over the years that whenever someone proclaims themselves a “Good Christian” to hide the silverware, lock up my daughter in her room and put a anti-theft bar on the steering wheel of my car.  Sadly, however, a large part of the American electorate, despite having been lied to repeatedly, still have not learned their lessons.

Thomas Nast political cartoon
The Party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt while rolling in corporate money has sold its soul and is SICK!

Ben Carson may or may not be as dumb as he sounds, but his delusional mind clearly appeals to far too many of voters.  I fear that Doctor Ben, or one of the other members of the GOP Clown Car, will con a majority of the public yet again.  We almost didn’t survive the Republican engineered Crash of ’08; America and the rest of the world can survive another Oh-Oh! decade of Republican lies and deceit.  It could be argued that we no longer live in a Democracy but an Oligarchy; I would argue, rather, that we live in an Idiocracy, where a concatenation knaves, scoundrels, cretins and liars have a working majority, not only of most state legislatures but of Congress as well.  I hope events prove me wrong, but as comedian Ron White has observed, “you can’t fix stupid.”