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How Comey Conned the Cons

“A good prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich” Sol Wachtler Imagine you are James Comey and you are told by your superiors (in this case the Attorney General Loretta Lynch) in no uncertain terms that you are not to recommend … Continue reading

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Hillary LOSES March 22 Candidate Races!

In a carefully unpublicized upset, Bernie Sanders has managed to win in the trifecta of western elections Tuesday night.  Although Sanders won in number of committed delegates (the only numbers which truly matter in the race) you would not have known it … Continue reading

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Ben Carson is Sick and I’m Not Feeling Too Good Myself

The Theatre of the Absurd that is the modern Republican Party would be amusing save for the fact that this group of mentally handicapped individuals are not only running around with sharp scissors and other things dangerous to themselves and … Continue reading

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